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L.E.Boughen & Co offers a full range of superb AKG headphones including stereo, portable and in ear headphones for all needs and equipment
AKG K81DJ Headphones
Product ID : AKGK81DJ
Closed-back headphones for DJs with optimum isolation from ambient noise
$88.64 + GST
AKG K121 Studio Headphones
Product ID : AKGK121Studio
Entry-level Professional Standard Studio Monitor Headphones
$113.64 + GST
AKG K430 Portable Headphones
Product ID : AKGK430
NEW Closed-back design, iPhone
$115.91 + GST
AKG K141 MkII Studio Headphones
Product ID : AKGK141MkII
NEW Industry Standard Professional Studio Monitor Headphones, AKG K141MkII
$172.27 + GST
AKG K530 HiFi Headphones
Product ID : AKGK530
The AKG K530 is an ideal entry into the sophisticated world of Hi-Fi
$195.45 + GST
AKG K240 MKII Studio Headphones
Product ID : AKGK240MKII
The newly updated version of AKG's most successful headphones
$240.91 + GST
AKG K181DJ Headphones
Product ID : AKGK181DJ
The unique, folding 3D-axis allows quick position change, Xtra lightweight
$272.68 + GST
AKG K271 MkII Headphones
Product ID : AKG K271 MkII
Ideal for monitoring in Radio, TV & Recording studios
$272.68 + GST
AKG K480NC Noise Reduction Headphones
Product ID : AKG K480NC
Turn your plane, train, or bus trip into a relaxed listening session ...
$290.45 + GST
AKG K601 Reference Headphones
Product ID : AKGK601
Precisely tailored response and a cutting edge design
$436.32 + GST
AKG K702 Reference Headphones
Product ID : AKGK702
Superb professional reference headphones ... experience pure perfection
$695.45 + GST
AKG K701 Superb Headphones
Product ID : AKGK701
Premium reference headphones ... turn perception into pure enjoyment
$727.23 + GST