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L.E.Boughen & Co carries the best selection of Audio Visual Products including Extenders, Distribution Amplifiers, Switchers, Scalers, Converters and AV Test Gear
Composite and S-Video Scaler
Product ID : Calibre HQView100S
$2,195.00 + GST
Multi-Input Scaler to DVI/HDMI/VGA
Product ID : Calibre HQView400S
$2,995.00 + GST
Calibre HQView210 - 3G-SDI Scaler
Product ID : Calibre HQView210
$3,295.00 + GST
Component, DVI, HDMI Scaler with Advanced Geometry Correction and Edgeblending
Product ID : Calibre HQView310
$3,295.00 + GST
Component, DVI, HDMI Scaler with Full warp mapping and edge blend
Product ID : Calibre HQView320
$3,795.00 + GST
Multi Input Scaler - to DVI / HDMI / VGA, with Geometry and Edge Blend
Product ID : Calibre HQView410
$4,895.00 + GST
8:8 HDMI Matrix Switcher
Product ID : Opticis OHM88
$5,995.00 + GST