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HDMI Communicator, F-M pigtail

HDMI Communicator, F-M pigtail
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Price: $195.00 + GST
Product ID : Luxi CHD-110
Manufacturer: Luxi
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Why you need it:

·      About 15% of all HDMI systems fail due to the communication (handshaking or copyright) collisions even when nothing wrong with each component

·      This leads to the customers and installers’ frustrations; the reputation damages and product returns to the manufacturers

·      Very few installers know how to troubleshoot such problems; and virtually no solutions even after they identify the problems

·      The root of the problems is the I2C protocol used in the HDMI EDID and HDCP communication and the Luxi HDMI Communicator is the only product you need to fix all HDMI communication related problems

Features and benefits:

·      World’s first HDMI EDID and HDCP communication problem solver

·      Resolve the communication collisions by altering data timing and issuing new HDCP key

·      No mounting needed; just plug it in-line between the cable from the source device and the sink device’s input

·      No external power supply needed; it draws power from the source device

·      Luxi patent pending locking HDMI connector design on both female input and male output to ensure secure connector mating

·      Installers can resolve virtually any HDMI system issues by always carrying Luxi HDMI Extenders and Communicators in their tool cases