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HDMI Extender, F-M pigtail

HDMI Extender, F-M pigtail
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Price: $195.00 + GST
Product ID : Luxi EHD-110
Manufacturer: Luxi
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Why you need it:
• All HDMI cables have length limitations
• The max usable length depends on signal type, cable performance, source
drivability and display sensibility/error correction capability, thus not predictable
• Signal bandwidth increases over the years; the previously working HDMI cables
may not work now

Features and benefits:
• World’s first HDMI extender with full HDMI 1.4 support including 3D, HDMI
Ethernet and Return Audio
• Virtually doubles the maximum usable HDMI cable length
• No mounting needed; just plug it in-line between the cable from the source
device and the sink device’s input
• No external power supply needed; it draws power from the source device
• Luxi patent pending locking HDMI connector design on both female input and
male output to ensure secure connector mating
• Flexible pigtail and compact design allowing easy fit into the tight space behind
thin flat panel TVs
• Installers can resolve virtually any HDMI system issues by always carrying Luxi
HDMI Extenders and Communicators in their tool cases

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