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AV Test / Pattern Generators

L.E.Boughen & Co offers quality audio and video test gear including Pattern Generators in a number of signal types including VGA, HDMI & HD/SDI
SEW1506M- Audio Impendance Tester
Product ID : SEW1506 IM
SEW High quality, must have Audio Impedance Tester, Battery powered
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SEW2706IM- Audio Impedance Tester
Product ID : SEW2706IM
Excellent Test Instrument for Sound Contractors and Installers
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Pink Stick
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Phantom powered (48v) test signal generator with integral XLR Connector
$45.45 + GST
HDMI hand held tester
Product ID : Luxi HHT-100
$195.00 + GST
PG-H1Z HDMI Pattern Generator (easy)
Product ID : AVLink PG-H1Z
$345.00 + GST
PG-V1Z VGA Pattern Generator (easy)
Product ID : AVLink PG-V1Z
$345.00 + GST
PG-H1 HDMI pattern generator
Product ID : AVLink PG-H1
$495.00 + GST
PG-V1 VGA pattern generator
Product ID : AVLink PG-V1
$495.00 + GST
Radio Design Labs RDL PT-AMG2 Portable Audio Test Instrument
Product ID : Radio Design Labs RDLPT-AMG2
RADIO DESIGN LABS portable audio signal generator & monitor
$540.91 + GST
Eutech COND600 CyberScan, Waterproof Handheld
Product ID : Eutech COND600/43K
Eutech COND600/43K CyberScan, handheld meter.
$1,205.00 + GST
PG-HD1Z HDSDI Pattern Generator (easy)
Product ID : AVLink PG-HD1Z
$1,295.00 + GST