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L.E.Boughen & Co carries the right mix of equipment Broadcasters and Studios including Headsets, Headphones, Microphones, Mixers, Monitor Speakers and Audio Recorders. We also offer Soundproofing and Acoustic products as well as accessories like Microphone and Speaker stands
Product ID : RODENT2A
$425.00 + GST
Grover Notting CR-1TC
Product ID : Grover Notting CR1TC
$426.36 + GST
Grover Notting CR-2TC
Product ID : Grover Notting CR2TC
$453.64 + GST
Sennheiser HMD280 Pro Headset
Product ID : SennheiserHMD280Pro
$463.59 + GST
AKG C535EB Condenser Microphone
Product ID : AKG C535EB
$505.41 + GST
Shure SM7B Broadcast Mic
Product ID : ShureSM7B
$525.00 + GST
Sennheiser ME66/K6 Modular Mic System
Hot Deal
Product ID : SennheiserME66/K6
$543.64 + GST
Sennheiser HMD26-600-7 Pro Broadcast Headset
Product ID : SennheiserHMD26-600-7
$635.00 + GST
Sennheiser HMD26-600-X3K1 Pro Headset with connectors
Product ID : SennheiserHMD26-600-X3K1
$650.00 + GST
Sennheiser ew112 G3
Hot Deal
Product ID : Sennheiser ew112 G3
$765.00 + GST
Sennheiser EW112P G3
Hot Deal
Product ID : Sennheiser ew112P G3
$765.00 + GST
Sennheiser ew135 G3
Hot Deal
Product ID : Sennheiser ew135 G3
$765.00 + GST
Fostex FR-2LE
Product ID : Fostex FR-2LE
$1,035.00 + GST