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L.E.Boughen & Co carries the right mix of equipment Broadcasters and Studios including Headsets, Headphones, Microphones, Mixers, Monitor Speakers and Audio Recorders. We also offer Soundproofing and Acoustic products as well as accessories like Microphone and Speaker stands
Caliope Broadcast Software for Radio & TV stations
Product ID : Caliope Software
Caliope Broadcast Software - serious tools for program planning and...
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Tieline 2U Commander G3 codec
Product ID : Tieline2UCommanderG3
Tieline Studio-Based Commander G3 2U codec with IP
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Tieline Commander G3 Field Codec
Product ID : TielineCommanderG3Field
Commander G3 Field codec - for easy OB setup
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Tieline iMix G3
Product ID : TielineiMixG3
The world's most advanced IP codec for Radio and TV
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Green Glue Clips
Product ID : GreenGlue Clips
NEW Green Glue Noiseproofing Clips are the highest performing sound clips around
$4.99 + GST
Green Glue Sealant
Product ID : GreenGlue Sealant
No soundproofing job is complete without Green Glue Noiseproofing Sealant
$16.95 + GST
Shure A7WS Wind Screen
Product ID : Shure A7WS
Large Close-Talking Foam Windscreen suit SM7 Pro Studio Microphone
$45.00 + GST
Big Red Caulking Gun
Product ID : GreenGlue Caulking Gun
The perfect solution for applying your Green Glue soundproofing
$55.00 + GST
Beyer Opus 29S
Product ID : BeyerOpus29S
This entry-level Dynamic Mic is just gr8 4 starters
$65.00 + GST
AKG MKHSD-STUDIO Headset Coiled Cable with connectors
$82.27 + GST
Audio Technia COM2 Comms Headset
Product ID : ATH-COM2
Computer Gaming/Skype headset dual ear piece, dynamic mic
$99.95 + GST
AKG MKHSC-STUDIO Headset Coiled Cable with connectors
$109.09 + GST
K&M 23750
Product ID : K&M23750
Lightweight alloy boompole solution at a great price!
$136.36 + GST
K&M 23852
Product ID : K&M23852
Studio Articulated Mic Boom Arm, Table Flange Mount only, Black
$150.00 + GST
Shure SM58 Dynamic Mic
Product ID : ShureSM58
THE STANDARD in Dynamic, Cardioid, Vocal Microphones
$168.18 + GST
AKG D5 Dynamic Microphone
Hot Deal
Product ID : AKGD5
Rugged, Dynamic Live Performance SuperCardioid Microphone
$172.68 + GST
K&M 23850
Product ID : K&M23850
Studio Articulated Mic Boom Arm, Black only
$177.27 + GST
RODE Procaster
Product ID : RODE Procaster
Incredible new Broadcast Quality Dynamic Microphone
$180.00 + GST
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