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Conductivity Meters

L.E.Boughen & Co offers quality Conductivity Meters from well know brands including Eutech and available in economical pen style through to full laboratory models
Eutech ECTestr11- Pocket Conductivity tester
Hot Deal
Product ID : Eutech ECTestr11
$160.00 + GST
Eutech ECTestr11+ Pocket Conductivity tester
Product ID : Eutech ECTestr11+
$193.00 + GST
Eutech EcoScan- CON6
Product ID : Eutech EcoScanCON6
$555.00 + GST
Eutech CON400- CyberScan
Product ID : Eutech EC-CONWP400/03K
$946.00 + GST
Eutech COND600 CyberScan, Waterproof Handheld
Product ID : Eutech COND600/43K
$1,205.00 + GST
Eutech EC-CON2700 - CyberScan
Product ID : Eutech EC-CON2700
$1,243.00 + GST
Eutech COND610- CyberScan, Waterproof Handheld
Product ID : Eutech COND610/43K
$1,485.00 + GST