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Fostex FR-2
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Price: $2,150.00 + GST
Product ID : Fostex FR-2
Manufacturer: Fostex
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The Fostex FR-2 has been designed specifically for location sound recording; high quality sound effects acquisition; TV & radio documentary; in fact any application where quality audio recording is required. With excellent quality (up to 24-bit/192KHz recording - a first for a CF recorder), huge feature list and a cost-effective price point, the FR-2 offers users of portable DAT and other formats the opportunity to make the switch to a more flexible, higher quality audio acquisition machine without sacrificing features.
By adopting the BWF Broadcast WAV file format, the FR-2 offers what is now the most popular choice for professional recording. It can be set to record mono or stereo files with 16 or 24-bit quantisation over a vast range of frequencies from 22.05kHz for extended recording time up to 192kHz for the highest quality audio acquisition. Transferring files for editing and/or backup is fast and simple via a Compact Flash reader attached to a computer; a PCMCIA slot and/or a CF adaptor - ideal for those editing with a laptop; or indeed the on-board USB port.
The FR-2 can be retrofitted with an optional, fully featured timecode card offering both reader and generator thus turning it into the ideal production and location recorder, whether it be used as a master or backup machine.
Excellent audio integrity, fully flexible recording, top quality mic amps, extensive interfacing plus optional timecode prove the Fostex FR-2 has all bases covered.

Records to hard disk drive or Type II CompactFlash™ card
Industry-standard BWF format (stereo/mono) up to 24bit/192kHz
Fostex's "File per Take" system with auto scene & take naming/increment
Two balanced XLR mic inputs with switchable phantom power and high-headroom pre-amps
Easy file transfer to PC/Mac via PCMCIA, CF adaptor or USB

Recording Media: CompactFlash card, PCMCIA HD
Recording Format: BWF
Sampling Frequency: 22.05 / 44.1 / 48 / 88.2 / 96 / 176.4 / 192kHz
Quantization: 16 bit (22.05 - 48kHz), 24 bit (44.1 - 192kHz)
R/P Frequency Response: 20Hz to 10kHz +/-1dB (fs: 22.05kHz)
20Hz to 20kHz +/-1dB (fs: 44.1 / 48kHz)
20Hz to 40kHz +/-2dB (fs: 88.2 / 96kHz)
20Hz to 80kHz +/-3dB (fs: 176.4 / 192kHz)
S/N (ADC-DAC, 24-bit, ref: -20dB, fs:48kHz): Line (input gain: +4dBu): 100dB (typical) - Mic: (input gain: -60dBu): 87dB (typical)
Dynamic Range: 100dB (ADC-DAC, 24bit, ref:-20dB, fs:48kHz) typical
T.H.D. (ADC-DAC, 24-bit, ref:-20dB, fs:48kHz): Line (input gain: +4dBu): Less than 0.005% (at 1kHz, -1dB typical); Mic (input gain: -60dBu): Less than 0.008% (at 1kHz, -1dB typical)
Power Life: approx. 2 hours 30 min. (8 x AA NiMH type/2300mAH)

ANALOG AUDIO INPUT L/R: Connector XLR-3-31 type (Pin2: Hot)
Line Input Impedance: More than 6k ohm (reference Input Level +4dBu, Max. Input Level +24dBu (Trim: +4dBu, at the prefader stage)
MIC: Input Impedance More than 6k ohm
Input Level: -60dBu
Maximum Input Level: -40dBu (Trim: +4dBu, at the prefader stage)
Phantom Power: P48
ANALOG AUDIO OUTPUT L(Mono)/R: Connector RCA pin type; Output Load Impedance more than 10k ohm; Nominal Output Level +4dBu
HEADPHONE OUTPUT: 50 + 50mW (32 ohm)
Max Speaker Output Level: 1W
DIGITAL INPUT/OUTPUT (except for 176.4, 192kHz): Connector XLR
Input Format: S/P DIF / AES/EBU automatic
Output Format: S/P DIF / AES/EBU switchable
USB: x 2 (keyboard / PC only)
LTC Input/Output: LEMO
Frame Rate: 23.976/24/25/29.97DF/29.97ND/30DF/30ND

Power Requirement: 8 x AA type dry cell (NiMH recommended)
AC adaptor (optional): DC 12V
Power Consumption: approx. 5W
Dimensions: 250(W) x 77(H) x 220(D) mm
Weight: 1.5kg (without battery)