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HHb DRM85 LI Digital Audio Recorder

HHb DRM85 LI Digital Audio Recorder
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Product ID : HHBDRM85LI
Manufacturer: HHb
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Following the enormous success of the FlashMic Digital Recording Microphone range, HHb announces two new FlashMics – the line input equipped DRM85LI and DRM85-CLI.  Developed in direct response to requests from broadcasters, the new models are line input equipped versions of the existing DRM85 omni-directional and DRM85-C cardioid FlashMics, enabling journalists to record the feeds often provided at press conferences. Both new FlashMics feature a bantam TT jack input on the base of the microphone body. An XLR to bantam jack cable is supplied which, when connected, switches out the microphone signal, recording only the line input signal.

• Convenient, portable and extremely easy to use
• Rugged build quality, designed to withstand the rigours of portable recording
• New line input equipped models available with omni or cardioid capsules
• High-quality, omni Sennheiser condenser mic capsule for broadcast quality recording
• Very high quality microphone preamplifier with full manual or automatic gain control (AGC)
• 1GB Flash memory for digital audio recording
• Maximum record time of over 18 hours
• LCD display with backlight for time, level and status information
• USB-Interface for transfer of audio data (configured as a mass storage device), also used for configuration presets and FlashMic firmware updates
• Headphone amplifier with volume control

• Sampling Frequency: 48kHz, 44.1kHz, 32kHz (selection by Manager software or on DRM85)
• Bit Resolution (Linear): 16 Bit
• Audio Formats: Linear PCM, MPEG 1 Layer 2 (select via Mgr software or DRM85, 6 modes)
• Bitrates (MPEG): 192, 160, 128 kbps
• Frequency Response (Recorder): 20 Hz - 20 kHz ± 1dB @ 48 kHz FS Linear PCM
• THD + N: < 0.1% (20 Hz - 20 kHz) @ 48 kHz FS Linear PCM
• Number of Channels: 1 (Mono)
• Microphone Capsule: Omni-directional or Cardioid
• Record Level: Automatic Gain Control (AGC = on), Manual Gain Control (AGC = off)
• High Pass Filter: Switchable on/off, 12 dB/octave @ 100Hz
• Data Storage System: Fixed internal memory, capacity 1 GB
• File Format: Broadcast wave file (.wav). Linear PCM or MPEG 1 Layer 2 compressed.
Date/Time stamp stored in file header. Filename generated automatically by DRM85, basic text
string provided from PC software
• File System: FAT (mounts as a removable drive via USB mass storage device protocol. File
transfer via FlashMic Manager software or through Windows Explorer and Mac OS Finder)
• Headphone Output: 3.5mm stereo socket, mono to both channels. Manual volume control by
rotary switch. Output may be used for audio recording on PC. Drive capability for 32Ω headphone,
short circuit protection.
Optional Accessories: Wind shield, table stand
Weight: 366 grams (excluding batteries)
Dimensions: Length 244mm. Diameter at widest point (mic capsule) 50mm

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