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HT Italia HT2038- Multifunction (Testing Industrial Power Plants)

HT Italia HT2038- Multifunction (Testing Industrial Power Plants)
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Product ID : HT Italia HT2038
Manufacturer: Ht Italia
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HT Italia HT2038

Multifunction Instrument for Testing Industrial Power Plants

Maxtest HT2038 is a highly professional portable multifunction instrument intended for testing of the most important parameters of 127/230/400V installations. It is characterized by simplicity of use on one hand and by a large choice of measuring functions on the other hand. It contains approx. 1000 memory locations for storing of test results that can later be transferred to a PC or printed on paper by means of external printer. Each stored result is equipped with important sub-results and parameters as well as current loop and measuring place number to determine the tested object.

Resistance measurement of potential equalizing conductors and concrete scaffolding using a current of 10A~.

Continuity test of protective conductors, main and auxiliary potential equalizing conductors with current >200mA.

Two, three and four-wire earth resistance measurement.

Measurement of ground resistivity.

Insulation resistance measurement of electrical installations and PTTA assemblies with test voltage  of            250 - 500 - 1000VDC.

Frequency measurement.