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Electrodes / Accessories

L.E.Boughen & Co offers a large range of Accessories for PH and Water Analysis Meters including PH Electrodes, Probes and Buffer Solutions
Product IDProduct Name Price  
LR44 or A76 Button Cells
LR44 Batteries - pack of 10 pieces
$7.50 + GST
pH Buffer Solution - 200ml bottle
Buffer Solution 200ml Bottle- available in pH 4.01, pH 7.00 or pH 10.00
$15.00 + GST
Replacement Double Junction Sensor for pHTestr 10, 20, 30
Double Junction Sensor Suits pHTestr 10, 20 & 30
$103.00 + GST
Eutech EC-FC-72521
Eutech EC-FC-72521, pH Electrode Ag/AgCI (S)
Eutech EC-FC72521, pH Electrode.
$116.00 + GST
Eutech EC-FC72522
Eutech EC-FC-72522 pH Electrode Double Junction (S)
Eutech EC-FC72522 pH electrode w/ plastic body & double junction
$175.00 + GST
Eutech EC-620-132
Eutech EC-620-132 Epoxy Body, Open Pore pH Electrode
Eutech EC-620-132 Epoxy Body, Open Pore pH Electrode.
$180.00 + GST
Eutech EC-FG-73504
Eutech EC-FG-73504 Glass pH Electrode, Ag/AgCl (R)
Eutech EC-FG-73504 Glass Body pH electrode.
$185.00 + GST
Eutech EC-620-131
EC-620-131 Glass Body, Polymer, Open Pore pH Electrode
Eutech EC-620-131 Glass Body, Polymer, Open Pore pH Electrode.
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Eutech EC-FG-73905
Eutech EC-FG-73905 Glass body pH, Calomel (R) Electrode
Eutech EC-FG-73905 Calomel refillable; pH electrode.
$225.00 + GST
Eutech EC-620-286
Eutech EC-620-286 MicroProbe, Calomel (refillable) pH Electrode
Eutech EC-620-293 MircoProbe Glass Body Combination Electrode.
$295.00 + GST
Eutech EC-620-096
EC-620-096 Teflon, Calomel (refillable) pH Combination Electrode
Eutech EC-620-096 MicroProbe Teflon shaft, combination Electrode.
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Eutech EC-620-109 Combination Electrode
This Eutech Ag/AgCI is the best general purpose reference electrode with a...
$320.00 + GST
Eutech EC-620-183
Eutech EC-620-183 Tough Rugged-bulb pH Combination Electrode
Eutech EC-620-183 Tough Rugged bulb, glass body combination electrode
$325.00 + GST
Eutech EC-620-130
EC-620-130 Glass Body (refillable) Open Pore pH Electrode
Eutech EC-620-130 Glass Body, refillable, Open pore Electrode.
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Eutech EC-620-133
Eutech EC-620-133 Glass Body Combination, Double Pore pH Electrode.
Eutech EC-620-133 Glass Body pH combination electrode w/ double pore.
$390.00 + GST
Eutech EC-620-116 Combination Electrode
Suits moderate to highly corrosive materials & solvents. This double...
$475.00 + GST
Eutech EC-620-185
Eutech EC-620-185 Rugged-bulb pH, Combination Electrode
Eutech EC-620-185 Rugged bulb;combination pH electrode.
$520.00 + GST