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EC-620-130 Glass Body (refillable) Open Pore pH Electrode

EC-620-130 Glass Body (refillable) Open Pore pH Electrode
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Product ID : Eutech EC-620-130
Manufacturer: Eutech
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Eutech EC-620-130 Glass Body, refillable, Open pore (10ml electrolyte 620-430 included) Electrode.

Electrode Construction of EC-620-130:

Silver/Silver Chloride Sealed (Ag/AgCI) Refillable
Ag/AgCI reference electrodes are largely hysteresis-free and can be used at a higher temperature with lower temperature coefficients. Ag/AgCI is the best general purpose reference with a wide temperature range (-5 to 110°C).

Open Pore Junction
About 200 times larger than ceramic junctions, ensures increased electrolyte flow for stable junction potential.

Glass Body

  • Glass withstands high temperature of 100ºC or more.
  • Resistant to corrosive materials and solvents.
  • Brittle.
  • Ideal for laboratory use and is easy to clean.

Double Junction

  • Prevents interference between the inner fill solution and sample.
  • Electrolyte is free of Ag+ ions. Suitable for use with biological samples. Can be used in place of calomel reference electrodes.


Product Specification

Measuring pH Range0 to 14 pH
Temperature Range 0 to 80 °C
Shaft Material Glass
Liquid Junction TypeOpen pore
Reference Junction Double junction
Reference Type Ag/AgCl refillable
Shape of MembraneCylindrical
Shaft Length 160mm