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Eutech EC-620-116 Combination Electrode

Eutech EC-620-116 Combination Electrode
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Price: $475.00 + GST
Product ID : EC-620-116
Manufacturer: Eutech
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Eutech EC-620-116 Speciality Combination Electrode with flow and flushable reference junction, fast response rate and plastic body combination. Eutech combination electrodes offer the convenience of having the reference and measuring electrodes combined in a single housing. They are offered in a variety of configurations to suit most laboratory and field application needs.

Electrode Construction of EC-620-116:

Silver/Silver Chloride Sealed Refillable (Ag/AgCI)
Ag/AgCI reference electrodes are largely hysteresis-free and can be used at a higher temperature with lower temperature coefficients. Ag/AgCI is the best general purpose reference with a wide temperature range (-5 to 110°C).

Plastic Body
Not recommended for usage at temperature above 80°C.
Moderate resistance to highly corrosive materials and solvents.
Durable and withstands rough handling.
Ideal for field use.

 Double Junction
Prevents interference between the inner fill solution and sample.
Electrolyte is free of Ag+ ions. Suitable for use with biological samples. Can be used in place of calomel reference electrodes


Product Specification

Measuring pH Range0 to 14 pH
Temperature Range 0 to 100 °C
Shaft Material Epoxy
Liquid Junction TypeFlushable
Reference Junction Double junction
Reference Type Ag/AgCl refillable
Shape of MembraneCylindrical
Shaft Length 175mm