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We offer a variety of electronic parts such as footswitches, motion control devices and other miscellaneous electronic parts.
Product IDProduct Name Price  
Flanged Diecast Enclosure
110mm x 172mm x 121mm - BOX, DIECAST, FLANGED - DELTRON 455-0060
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Flanged Diecast Enclosure
39mm x 120mm x 100mm - BOX, DIECAST, FLANGED - DELTRON 455-0120
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Flanged Diecast Enclosure
59mm x 115mm x 64mm - BOX, DIECAST, FLANGED - DELTRON 455-0040
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Flanged Diecast Enclosure
34mm x 114mm x 64mm - BOX, DIECAST, FLANGED - DELTRON 455-0020
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Flanged Diecast Enclosure
BOX, DIECAST, FLANGED - 59mm x 114mm x 89mm - DELTRON 455-0030
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Flanged Diecast Enclosure
37mm x 89mm x 35mm - BOX, DIECAST, FLANGED - DELTRON 455-0010
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Linemaster Foot Switch T-91-S
Foot Switch, Linemaster Treadlite II, Momentary, SPDT, T91S
$30.45 + GST
Linemaster 121-S
Linemaster 121-S - Junior Footswitch
121-S (Junior) foot switch w/low profile ergonomic design
$48.34 + GST
Linemaster GEM-V36
Linemaster GEM-V36- Omni-directional Footswitch
GEM-V36, Footswitch w/ full non-skid base pad; Compact Omni-directional design
$83.05 + GST
Linemaster L-2-S
Linemaster L-2-S
L-2-S Lektro-Lok footswitch, prevents both circuits being operated at same time.
$90.78 + GST
Linemaster 974-SM
Linemaster 974-SM- Aquailine Footswitch
974-SM, Aqualine Momentary-Polymeric (Versatile Compact Design) w/ max....
$90.84 + GST
Linemaster 632-S
Linemaster 632-S - Clipper Footswitch
632-S, Clipper foot switch w/ Momentary action insuring long-term performance
$107.75 + GST
Linemaster 77SN1
Linemaster 77SN1- Classic Footswitch
77SN1, Classic /Compact Momentary Footswitch w/SPDT circuit and versitility
$108.82 + GST
LinemasterTWIN HT52-S
Linemaster TWIN HT52-S Hi-Treadlite Footswitch
Hi-Treadlite Footswitch light duty compact design long term service life
$112.86 + GST
Linemaster GEM-VK36
Linemaster GEM-VK36- Omni-Directional Footswitch
GEM-VK36, Compact Omni-Directional Footswitch w/vinyl cover to aid...
$118.90 + GST
Linemaster 971-SWN0210
Linemaster 971-SWN0210- Aquiline Footswitch
971-SWN0210, Polymeric/Momentary Single Footswitch w/ max. versitility and...
$126.61 + GST
Linemaster 72
Linemaster 72- Motion Control Device
Linemaster 72; Executive Motion Control Device w/rocker action low-profile...
$135.00 + GST
Linemaster 636-S
Linemaster 636-S- Clipper Footswitch
636-S Two Stag Momentary; Clipper foot-switch w/ Push on-Push off action.
$139.35 + GST

Please enjoy our variety of electronic parts and don't forget to check out our selection of oscilloscopes, microphones, PH Testers, headphones, multimeters and digital audio recorders.