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We specialize in PH and Water Analysis products such as PH Meters, PH Probes, Conductivity, TDS and Salinity Meters from well known manufacturers including Eutech Instruments.
Eutech PCD6500/42S- CyberScan, Multi-parameter
Hot Deal
Product ID : Eutech PCD6500/42S
$4,195.00 + GST
Eutech CD650- CyberScan, Multi-parameter
Product ID : Eutech CDWP-650/43K- CyberScan
$2,270.00 + GST
Eutech pH6000 CyberScan Premium Bench
Product ID : Eutech pH6000
$2,200.00 + GST
Eutech pH2100 CyberScan BenchMeter
Product ID : Eutech pH2100
$1,355.00 + GST
Eutech EC-CON2700 - CyberScan
Product ID : Eutech EC-CON2700
$1,243.00 + GST
Eutech pH620- CyberScan
Product ID : Eutech pH620
$1,175.00 + GST
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Please enjoy our large range of PH testers and don't forget to check out our selection of microphones, oscilliscopes, headphones, digital audio recorders and electronic parts.