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Adam A3X powered near field monitors

Adam A3X powered near field monitors
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Price: $859.09 + GST
Product ID : AdamA3X
Manufacturer: Adam Audio
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The new Adam AX Series. Sound unheard of...

The A5 and the A7, two models of the renowned A-Series, are ADAM Audio’s most famous models and quickly became the benchmark for nearfield monitoring at a relatively low price point. They have been reviewed almost four dozen times in the leading magazines around the globe and received rapturous applause all over. After introducing a new SX top line of studio monitors, ADAM Audio now proudly presents a fundamental revision of the A5 and the A7 as well as two new models of the AX Series, the A3X and the A8X.  One of the main new features of the top line monitors, the ADAM proprietary X-ART tweeter, now replaces the ART tweeter in the new versions. Also, all woofers and amplifiers have been re-engineered from scratch, featuring larger voice-coils and twice the power for higher linear excursions and more output. Last but not least, the cabinets have been redesigned, all models sport two bass reflex ports.

The A3X is ADAM Audio's smallest monitor ever, perfectly suited for all environments where space is limited. The A3X combines a tiny footprint with the much acclaimed ADAM sound quality. Two built-in 25 Watt amplifiers power the drivers directly. The front of the A3X sports dual ports for surprising low frequency response down to 60Hz as well as power and gain controls. The rear panel includes balanced (XLR) jacks, unbalanced (RCA) jacks, and a tweeter gain. The A3X employs a Stereolink. This new technology connects two A3X speakers in such a manner as to allow the user the option to control the overall stereo volume of the system from either speakers gain control. This makes the A3X a natural for “mixer-less” desktop applications where overall system volume needs to be adjusted easily.

All models of the AX-Series are equipped with the new X-ART tweeter, which is based on the original version of the legendary Accelerating Ribbon Technology. Compared to the original version, the X-ART tweeter has a 4dB higher efficiency, a 3dB higher maximum sound pressure level, and an increase in frequency response up to 50kHz.


Low Driver:  Ø 120mm / 4.5inch
Voice coil: Ø 25mm / 1inch
Cone material: Carbon fiber

Tweeter Type: X-ART
Diaphragm area:  4 inch²
Equiv. Diaphragm Ø: 2 inch²
Velocity transform ratio: 4:1
Diaphragm weight: 0.17g

Input Sensitivity: - ∞ / +14dB
Tweeter gain: ±4dB

Frequency response: 60Hz - 50kHz
THD: > 80 Hz ≤0.8 %
Long term output: ≥98dB
Max. peak: ≥106dB
Input impedance: 10 kΩ
Weight: 4.6kg /10.1lb
Dimensions: 252 x 150 x 185mm HxWxD
Warranty: 5 Years

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