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Grover Notting Code 4 - superb near field monitor

Grover Notting Code 4 - superb near field monitor
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Price: $5,450.00 + GST
Product ID : Grover Notting CODE4
Manufacturer: Grover Notting
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This model was the first GROVER NOTTING® Principal Audio Monitor to be developed, therefore the benchmark for the entire range, with regard to common voicing and imaging characteristics.  The Code 4 is the quintessential multi-purpose monitor, designed for use in near to mid field listening environments. At an enclosure capacity of 16.6 litres, it is small relative to its performance capability. It delivers 105dB at 1 metre with a frequency bandwidth of 38Hz to 32kHz. Like the Code 1.5 it is remarkably linear through the Audio Information Band©, with Low Frequency reproduction tight and musical, thanks to the control and management capability of the Bandwidth Extension Module.  The Code 4 will be popular in all audio production disciplines. The Code 4 is designed for free-standing, but can be soffit mounted in some environments.

A Note on Loudspeaker Specifications -

It is a fact that while technical specifications are definitive; performance specifications are not. A speaker will perform differently subject to the constraints of its acoustic environment. When producing performance specifications, we believe they must represent the ‘real world’. We also suggest they be used as a guide only to the potential of a specific system. Therefore our performance specifications are produced, as a result of ‘real world’ testing, conservatively and with the goal of publishing useful data as opposed to marketing hyperbole.


Enclosure Configuration  2 way passive 
Enclosure Type  Infinite Baffle 
Enclosure Shape  Rectangle 
Enclosure Size (H x W x D) 350mm x 240mm x 340mm
Enclosure Weight (Unpacked) 11.2KG
Enclosure Construction Material  25mm MDF
Internal Chambers  1
Finish  GN Neutral Black
Breakout Connector  Air tight lockable 4 pin male
Transducer Compliment   
HF Transducer  1 x 25mm soft dome
Cone transducer  1 x 184mm
Nominal Impedance  8 ohms 
Frequency Division  Passive filter 
Filter Type  4th order double LR 
Crossover Point  2.5kHz 
With Bandwidth Extension Module (BEM)  Yes 
Front Baffle  Recessed hand cut, acid etched brand, model and BEM brass plaques
Rear Panel  Acid etched anodised aluminium model serial number plaque

Performance Specifications:

Sensitivity (1W / 1m) 86 dB
Sound Pressure Level (SPL) 105dB@1 metre
Typical mid band Harmonic Distortion (THD) less than 0.2%
Frequency Response (-3dB) 38Hz-32kHz

Note: All models designed to deliver maximally flat / critically damped Butterworth Low Frequency alignment into the air.

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