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Multi Parameter Meters

L.E.Boughen & Co offers quality Multi-parameter Meters with PH, Conductivity, TDS, Temperature and Salinity readings ... available in economical pen style through to full laboratory models
PC Testr35 Multi-parameter Tester
Measures Temperature, pH & Conductivity at the same time
$175.00 + GST
PTT Testr 35- pH & TDS Tester
PTT Testr 35 pocket-sized, Multi-parameter Tester.
$195.00 + GST
Eutech C101 pH Colorimeter, 5.9 -8.2 pH, resolution 0.1pH
Eutech C101, Waterproof Colorimeter.
$570.00 + GST
Eutech C102 Cyanuric Acid, 5- 90ppm, resolution 1ppm
Eutech C102 Waterproof Colorimeter.
$570.00 + GST
Eutech C103 Chlorine Dioxide Colorimeter, 3.8- 11.4ppm, resolution 0.1ppm,
Eutech C103, Waterproof Colorimeter.
$570.00 + GST
Eutech C104 Bromine Colorimeter, 4.5- 13.5ppm, resolution 0.2ppm
Eutech C104, Waterproof Colorimeter measures Bromine
$570.00 + GST
Eutech C105 O-zone Colorimeter, 1.4 -4.1ppm, resolution 0.1ppm
Eutech C105, Waterproof Colorimeter measures O-Zone.
$570.00 + GST
Eutech C201 Chlorine, Free & Total 2.0 -6.0ppm, resolution 0.1ppm
Eutech C201- Waterproof Colorimeter.
$615.00 + GST
Eutech C301 pH & Chlorine Colorimeter
Eutech C301- Waterproof Colorimeter w/ chlorine & pH testing.
$660.00 + GST
Eutech CON11- Conductivity & TDS Handheld Meter
CyberScan CON 11 Conductivity/TDS Meter with Conductivity electrode & 1...
$695.00 + GST
Eutech C401 Chlorine, pH & Cyanuric Acid Colorimeter
Eutech C401 Colorimeter w/ simple, intuitive & direct user interface.
$710.00 + GST
Eutech CON110, Conductivity & TDS Handheld Meter
CyberScan CON 11 Conductivity/TDS Meter Expanded memory (100 points) and...
$795.00 + GST
DO6- EcoScan, Bench Meter
EutechDO6- EcoScan Bench Meter.
$920.00 + GST
Eutech DO110- CyberScan, Hand-Held Meter
Eutech DO110- CyberScan, Hand-held Meter.
$995.00 + GST
Eutech Ion510- CyberScan, Economy Bench Meter
Eutech Ion510, CyberScan Economy Bench pH & ORP Meter.
$1,015.00 + GST
Eutech DO300- CyberScan, Hand-held Meter
Eutech DO300- CyberScan, Waterproof Hand-held Meter.
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Eutech PD650- CyberScan, Multi-parameter Tester
Eutech PD650, CyberScan hand-held, Multi-parameter Teser.
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Eutech DO600/41- CyberScan, Hand-held Meter
Eutech DO600/41K, CyberScan handheld meter.
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