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Pat Testers

L.E.Boughen & Co offers PAT Testers from quality brands including Wavecom, Martindale and HT Italia
HPAT 525 Battery PAT Tester
Product ID : hpat525-pp
Battery Powered PAT Tester
$599.00 + GST
TNT-EL Appliance Tester
Product ID : WavecomTNT-ELApplianceTester
Portable appliance tester with earth leakage test. Simple One Button Testing....
$890.00 + GST
TNT-ELC Appliance Tester
Product ID : WavecomTNT-ELCApplianceTester
Simple One Button Testing. Results are shown on the Screen. Winpats Software...
$1,150.00 + GST
TNT+ Appliance Tester
Hot Deal
Product ID : WavecomTNT+ApplianceTester
Simple One Button Testing, see results on Screen, Winpats Software Compatible
$1,490.00 + GST
TNT-ELX Appliance Tester
Product ID : WavecomTNT-ELXApplianceTester
20a Appliance Tester. Results show on the Screen. Winpats Software Compatible.
$1,900.00 + GST
TNT+M Appliance Tester
Product ID : WavecomTNT+MApplianceTester
Simple One Button Testing. Internal Memory, Software compatible.
$2,300.00 + GST
TNT+X Appliance Tester
Product ID : WavecomTNT+X ApplianceTester
20a Appliance Tester. Simple One Vutton Testing, Software Compatible.
$2,900.00 + GST
TNT Test 'n' Print Pac (TNT EL KIT)
Product ID : WavecomTNTTest'n'PrintPac
Complete Kit for on the fly Appliance Testing. Software Compatible. (No...
$3,700.00 + GST
TNT Test 'n' Print + Pac (TNT+ KIT)
Product ID : WavecomTNTTest'n'Print+Pac
Complete Kit for on the fly Appliance Testing. Software Compatible. (No...
$3,950.00 + GST
TNT Test 'n' Print PacM (TNT ELM KIT)
Product ID : WavecomTNTTest'n'PrintPacM
Complete Appliance Testing Kit (No RCD testing). Software, Printer....
$5,600.00 + GST
TNT Test 'n' Print + PacM (TNT+ M KIT)
Product ID : WavecomTNTTest'n'Print+PacM
Complete Appliance Testing Kit, Software, Printer, Memory....
$5,800.00 + GST
TNT-3PL Appliance Tester
Product ID : WavecomTNT-3PLApplianceTester
Three Phase and Sigle Phase Appliance Testing, 20a Max. Software Compatible.
$6,900.00 + GST