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Sennheiser Headphones

L.E.Boughen & Co offers a comprehensive range of high quality Sennheiser Headphones at great prices
Product IDProduct Name Price  
Sennheiser BA151
Sennheiser BA151- Accupack Replacement Battery
SENNHEISER Accupack replacement battery suit assistive listening systems
$29.95 + GST
Sennheiser PMX40 Mini Headphones
Hot Deal
Open back, portable, stereo neckband headphones @ a very SPECIAL price!
$31.77 + GST
Sennheiser PX30 Mini Headphones
Lightweight open, mini headphones for portable maxi sound
$31.77 + GST
Sennheiser BA300
Sennheiser BA300- Replacement Battery
SENNHEISER replacement battery for Sennheiser SET840TV assistive listening...
$35.91 + GST
Sennheiser HD201 Stereo Headphones
Here's an ideal entry into the world of powerful stereo sound
$36.32 + GST
Sennheiser HD202 - Stereo Headphones
Closed-back, Stereo Headphones are just great for DJs
$44.50 + GST
Sennheiser HD203 closed-ear headphones
Sennheiser HD203 economical, dynamic, closed-ear, monitor headphones. Hear it...
$58.14 + GST
Sennheiser CX300-II Precision Mini Headphones
Hot Deal
NEW - powerful, bass-driven stereo with greater clarity & improved dynamics
$60.45 + GST
Sennheiser HD205 - Dynamic Headphones
Excellent sound quality and brilliant shielding of ambient noise
$63.59 + GST
Sennheiser PX100
Sennheiser PX100- Mini Headphones
SENNHEISER open, dynamic supra-aural mini headphones ideal for mobile players
$63.59 + GST
Sennheiser PX200
Sennheiser PX200- Mini Headphones
SENNHEISER closed, folding, mini headphones ideal for mobile audio sources
$82.68 + GST
Sennheiser EZT1011
Required Accessory for SET810S & SET820S - Induction Neck Loop Cable
$86.32 + GST
Sennheiser HDR1209
Sennheiser HDR120-9
Extra Wireless Headphone for RS120-9 Audio System
$109.09 + GST
Sennheiser HD215 - DJ Headphones
Feature outstanding sound characteristics & excellent noise attenuation
$110.91 + GST
Sennheiser HD280 Pro
Studio Monitoring Headphones - accurate, comfortable & an even HOTTER price
$127.23 + GST
Sennheiser PXC150 NoiseGard
Active noise-canceling technology. Enjoy music in noisy environments
$136.32 + GST
Sennheiser HD518
Classic headphones, an affordable entry into the audiophile series
$145.41 + GST
Sennheiser HDR180 Wireless Headphone
Hot Deal
Extra headphones for the RS180 Digital Wireless Headphone System
$168.18 + GST