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Green Glue
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Price: $370.00 + GST
Product ID : GreenGlue
Manufacturer: Green Glue
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Green Glue ...

is simply an amazing soundproofing solution!  Read about its outstanding value for money & noise reduction performance when you visit ... all the information you'll need.  Per carton of 12 tubes there's 17.8m² coverage at 100% (recommended).

PLEASE NOTE: our price is PER CARTON and minimum purchase is ONE CARTON of 12 TUBES

for 100% coverage, one box of 12 tubes is sufficient for approximately 18 square metres

NB: Green Glue requires a larger than normal caulking gun - please see Big Red Caulking Gun

What People are saying about Green Glue

  • Just a quick note to tell you how pleased we are with the Green Glue. Having used it in three jobs now, we have had the opportunity to assess its performance. We’re really pleased with the results.  In one particular job in Forest Lake we were outside the theater and could hear very low noise. When the door was opened, we were pounded by the sound levels in the room. The customer was really very impressed at the level of sound isolation.  Keep up the good work! - Dallas

  • We have been living in out townhouse for many years now. A neighbor moved in and plays his music quite loud and quite late. We tried the Green Glue and added a layer of plasterboard, caulked up the outlets as you suggested and waited for the glue to dry. You suggested we wait 2 weeks to see if we were successful, but I can tell you after only three days the sound is already perfectly tolerable. We are just so pleased and relieved. Thank you for all of your patience and help. - Mary Mayers

Soundproofing Studios and Home Theaters
Modern home theaters and recording studios are situations where low frequency sound must be well contained. Therefore, your plans must take you well below the STC sound rating system. Designing partitions for high levels of low frequency isolation is one of the least understood elements of acoustic design.
Read: Soundproofing Studios & Home Theaters

How to Deal with Exterior Noise
Do you live near a busy road or an airport? None of the above, but just don't want to hear exterior noises? Green Glue can easily help you achieve all your soundproofing goals.
Read: How to Deal with Exterior Noise

Soundproofing Existing Walls and Floors

So you have a problem with footstep noise from upstairs. If it is any consolation, you have a lot of company. This is perhaps the single biggest sound isolation complaint. Here we discuss techniques that will help isolate these noises.
Read: Soundproofing Existing Walls & Floors

Dealing with Impact Noise

Soundproofing against footstep noise on hard-surface floors can be very challenging to control. Here you can take a look at your available options and review some of our data.
Read: Understanding Impact Noise

Architectural Concerns

CAD drawings available for spec writing. Three part spec sheets in a cut and paste format for incorporation into drawings.
Read: Architectural Concerns

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