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L.E.Boughen & Co offers a range of Test Equipment including Oscilloscopes, Multimeters, PAT Testers and Thermometer products from well know manufacturers including Tektronix, Fluke, SEW, Wavecom, Testo, Cleverscope and Tiepie
TNT-ELX Appliance Tester
Product ID : WavecomTNT-ELXApplianceTester
$1,900.00 + GST
TNT+M Appliance Tester
Product ID : WavecomTNT+MApplianceTester
$2,300.00 + GST
TNT+X Appliance Tester
Product ID : WavecomTNT+X ApplianceTester
$2,900.00 + GST
TNT Test 'n' Print Pac (TNT EL KIT)
Product ID : WavecomTNTTest'n'PrintPac
$3,700.00 + GST
TNT Test 'n' Print + Pac (TNT+ KIT)
Product ID : WavecomTNTTest'n'Print+Pac
$3,950.00 + GST