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L.E.Boughen & Co offers a range of Test Equipment including Oscilloscopes, Multimeters, PAT Testers and Thermometer products from well know manufacturers including Tektronix, Fluke, SEW, Wavecom, Testo, Cleverscope and Tiepie
Handyscope 3 - 100MHz Virtual Oscilloscope
Product ID : TiePieHS3 (100MHz)
100 MHz on both channels Selectable 12 bit, 14 bit or 16 bit resolution...
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Handyscope 4 - Differential Oscilloscope
Product ID : TiePieHS4-D (50MHz)
HS4-DIFF (5MHz, 10MHz, 25MHz, 50MHz) Four isolated differential input...
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Handyscope 4 Oscilloscope
Product ID : TiePieHS4
Four channels Multimeter, an Oscilloscope, a Spectrum analyzer and a...
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Handyscope 5 Oscilloscope
Product ID : TiePieHS5
A high resolution USB Oscilloscope with integrated Arbitrary Waveform...
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Safety test leads 4mm
Product ID : 26**-IEC-
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SEW3920CL- Clamp Meter
Product ID : SEW3920CL
A Clamp meter that is designed for testing AC current and Voltage.
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SEW3921CL- CLampmeter
Product ID : SEW3921CL
A Clamp meter designed for AC current and Voltage.
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SEWPD20- High Voltage Probe
Product ID : SEWPD20
SEW PD-20, 20S & PD-28 - High Voltage Probes.
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SEWPD40AM- High Voltage Probe Meter
Product ID : SEWPD-40AM
SEW PD40AM is a High Voltage Probe meter. Measuring up to 40Kv.
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Testo 535 CO2 measuring instrument
Product ID : TES05605350
TESTO - 535, CO2 measuring instrument with permanently attached probe,...
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Testo 575 - Fast printer and logger control in one
Product ID : TES05541775
TESTO - 575 printer, incl. 1 roll of thermal paper and batteries
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Testo 580 - Compact data collector
Product ID : TES05541778
TESTO - 580 data collector set with RS232, readout holders included
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Testo Saveris Data Logger
Product ID : Testo Saveris Data Logger
The Testo Saveris measurement system measures temperature and humidity values...
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TiePieHP3 HandyScope
Product ID : TiePieHP3 HandyScope
PC based 100 MS/s differential USB oscilloscope
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Product ID : TiePieSCOPE HS805
TiePieSCOPE HS805 is a portable USB oscilloscope that combines a high...
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Crocodile Clips
Product ID : Crocodile Clips
Crocodile Clips (CROC-10A-BLK)
$4.40 + GST
LF-51 BNC to BNC
Product ID : LEBLF51
BNC to BNC with 1M RG58 Cable
$13.00 + GST
LF-61 BNC to 4mm Banana plugs
Product ID : LEBLF61
BNC to 4mm Red/Black Banana plugs, 1M RG58 Cable
$14.00 + GST